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​​Kai is the newest addition to the Mindset team and he is quickly becoming our super-power when it comes to all things IT and Digitally-based areas. He coordinates various aspects of our Website including our On Demand program delivery, which on the surface looks easy to our clients, but behind the scenes is quite complex and advanced. Kai also does a terrific job assisting us with our various other digital applications including Video Production, LinkedIn, Email, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and graphic design.


The youngest of our team, Kai is well-versed and proficient with technology and programming (which others on the team affectionately refer to as their Kryptonite). Kai loves challenging himself with coding, reading and research creating the perfect platform for continuous learning – a necessity in the rapidly changing and exciting space of IT.

Kai worked on financial programming out of university for a currency exchange and risk management company. He then moved to programming and energy modelling for new constructions designing an app that dramatically reduced the workflow of energy advisors in BC. With an interest in finance, he has found himself at Mindset Consulting where he hopes to expand on his experience with IT.

Kai’s previous experience programming for financial institutions makes him a great addition to the team and we love that he is open to new experiences, and thoroughly enjoys meeting and collaborating with others.

Kai Kovkhanan

Kai Kovacik

Website & Digital Specialist

“It’s a pleasure working for Mindset Consulting. I enjoy technical problem solving and am always looking forward to the next challenge.”

​Education and Credentials

  • Bachelors of Humanities – General Computer Science and General Philosophy, University of Victoria, Victoria BC.

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