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Brian’s passion is business analysis, with the primary focus of creating systems and processes which not only lead to greater efficiency but also enable scalable success and profitability.  His franchise-ready focus allows him to work effectively with others to improve current processes as well as, adopt new ones. He is especially skilled when it comes to team management. Brian’s professional, positive, and friendly approach makes the results-focused coaching enjoyable to all.


Brian is a third-generation entrepreneur who has spent over 30 years in the business and customer service sectors. Having been a business owner and hands on operator, Brian understands the steps necessary in running a prosperous business and believes customer service and customer experience are the most important aspects of success. Today, Brian serves as the “Advisor in Chief” which essentially means he’s achieved what many business owners strive to do – create a business that operates independently without him.

A passion for business analysis is what led Brian to Mindset Consulting.  Being a firm believer in the Mindset philosophy and its best practices has allowed Brian to continue his passion for helping businesses and professionals achieve next-level success.  Not only has Brian had his management implement several of the Mindset concepts in his business, he’s also had success working with business owners outside of the financial services apply and adopt The Mindset Method principles – creating notable and measurable results.

Brian Bacca

Brian Baca

Business Coach & Entrepreneur

"I take the time to listen and identify what is most important to clients while solidifying their vision and goals towards an ideal business model. They develop a clear understanding of how to take their business to next level while receiving training, guidance and support.”

​Education and Credentials


  • BA in Economics University of Mexico

  • 30+ Years of Entrepreneurial Experience

  • 15 Years Business Consulting

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