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Life Coaching Solutions

Many of us believe that we can keep our professional and personal lives separate, however they often ebb and flow into each other whether we like it or not. And, when one is out of balance it most certainly affects the other. We are delighted to provide Life Coaching Solutions specializing in Life Transitions to help you navigate these challenging times.

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Sherri Palle

Jennifer Broad

Helping You Discover Your True North

Our Life Coaches

Our Mindset Life Coaching Process will help you navigate your way through a variety of life transitions – offering you the comfort and peace in knowing you are not alone.


We know that as much as there is excitement with some life changes, there may also be a number of underlying fears and our process will assist in identifying and helping you overcoming them. We also recognize that although some life changes are chosen, others happen ‘to us’. Often, we explore limited
beliefs and how to overcome them. As such, our process will empower you to take charge of your response and the new direction you undertake regardless of how the change was initiated.


We believe as important as it is for us to listen carefully, ask lots of questions (sometimes the uncomfortable ones) and offer support– it is equally important for you to be fully engaged in the process. Our process involves high levels of accountability to ensure you are making the consistent progress you need and expect.

Last, but certainly not least our Mindset Life Coaching Process is designed specifically to ensure you are inspired, motivated, supported and guided throughout your transition.

Sherri Palle is a designated Life Coach at Mindset Consulting and she is undeniably passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she works with. Her mission is when people look back on their biggest life transitions, they think of her as one of their biggest supporters – someone who had a profound impact on their experience with the transition and creating their positive outcome and

Timing is Everything

Unlike a Practice Management Program which can be structured every two weeks for a year, Life Coaching requires much more flexibility. The frequency of sessions is driven by you. At the outset of a significant transition, you may want to meet weekly to help you stay grounded and supported. As decisions are made and plans put into place, you may ease into a every two weeks or even monthly. Again, it really depends on the level of support you need.

Life Coaching sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and will be followed up by a detailed action plan sent by email the same day the session is held. It will also include the provision of additional resources
and reading recommendations based on the area being worked on.


The fee for service for Life Coaching is as follows $295 per Session.

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