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Coaching & Consulting Programs

The Mindset Method Course

The Mindset Method

This best practices program is designed for the entire team to organize, systematize & grow the practice through our 4 Pillar Practice Optimization Process.

Build Your Dream Team Course

Build Your Dream Team

This best practices program is designed for Advisors, Partners & Business Managers to manage, lead, inspire and grow their team through our 4 Pillar Leadership Process.

Alumni Program

Alumni Program

This program is designed to provide advisory teams with a variety of additional support, as needed, to keep them on track. This program also covers managing new initiatives, people & transitions.

Concierge Consulting

Concierge Consulting

This program provides continuous, elite-level coaching and includes a full-day Annual Strategic Planning & Team Building Session, Annual Practice Management Assessment, Quarterly Strategic Team Meetings, Annual Team Assessments, Monthly Group & Individual Coaching, and more.

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